80 percent of success is just showing up. – Woody Allen

Many variations of this quote have been credited to Woody Allen over the years. Allen is an immensely successful screenwriter, director and actor who is perhaps best known for co-writing and directing Annie Hall, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1978. He is often a man of many words, but perhaps his most famous quote is notable for its simplicity. It doesn’t matter how you slice it because each version of the quote has the same basic message: a sizable portion of success in life is attributable to simply showing up, being present, and doing your job to the best of your ability.

This is a great quote to keep in mind for any student or professional. I think it is particularly useful for those in the early stages of their career who are trying to lay down a pathway to their future success. One simple blueprint to this success is showing up on a daily basis with unwavering consistency. There are a couple of key elements which I think this entails.



In my opinion this is one of the keys to success that is easiest to adhere to but also easiest to overlook. Punctuality is really about discipline. It takes discipline to sleep early and do the appropriate things to wake up on time each morning. It takes discipline to be where you need to be on time without fail. Being in the mindset of preparing yourself for success each day by showing up on time is one very simple way to strive for success. Punctuality is also a crucial component of professionalism, and it will reflect poorly upon you if you habitually deviate from it.



Another basic tenet of success is hard work. Whether you call it dedication, work ethic, or any other term, success cannot be attained without putting in the necessary hours of labor. By showing up each day ready to work and give your best effort, you achieve two things. First you provide yourself the best opportunity to excel in your work and hone your craft each day. In addition, you demonstrate to those around you the high-caliber of your performance. Similar to punctuality, showing up with daily enthusiasm, dedication and hard work makes you an asset to any institution in which you work, and will only propel you to higher levels of success.



I believe the last major component of showing up is pushing through challenges that arise on your path. There will undoubtedly be times during which you will encounter a failure or hurdle which seems insurmountable. But if you show up despite this hurdle, pushing forward with unwavering confidence that you will eventually succeed, your progress will march on. In the face of adversity one often experiences the most growth. Showing up during these hard times may be instrumental to your success and maturation in your field.

However the uber-accomplished Woody Allen specifically stated the quote, his message was simple and clear: show up each and every day ready to do your best work, and you will be well on your way to success.