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Regrets of a 99.9th Percentile MCAT Score

Given the immense volume of information that one must master to acquire a top MCAT score, it is critical that you set yourself up with an efficient strategy and high yield resources. Here is what I would do differently.

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Making your study plan for the MCAT

MCAT Sections: What’s on the MCAT?

The MCAT is a rite of passage for every pre-medical student. In this post, we break down the four sections on the MCAT, including test length, number of questions, and what you will be tested on.

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AMCAS Work and Activities Section

2021 AMCAS Work and Activities Section Guide

Some students consider the Work and Activities section of their application to be less important than other sections. This is a fatal mistake. Learn what it takes to craft an impactful Work and Activities section.

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