Terms & Conditions

Med School Insiders LLC is an academic consulting and tutoring limited liability company. Our goals and services put forth our best efforts to maximize your odds of achieving your academic and professional goals. While our services are provided with the intention to enhance customers’ chances of success, it is important to note that all decisions regarding grades, applications, interviews, and other academic or professional matters are handled by external parties, to which Med School Insiders LLC has no affiliation. Our services are provided to assist customers with a variety of aspects of their admissions processes and medical careers, however we do not in any capacity complete customers’ applications on their behalf, write letters of recommendation, personal statements, autobiographical sketches, CVs, resumes, guarantee course grades, test scores, admissions decisions, or any other personal or professional outcome.

Med School Insiders is not affiliated with, nor does Med School Insiders endorse, any of the organizations or companies referenced or mentioned including but not limited to universities, colleges, residency programs, medical schools, official test administrators, or any other external websites, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Services are provided remotely via phone, email, video call, or other online media. If in-person consultation is desired, the customer assumes all responsibility for travel expenses, responsibility, and any possible and related damages. Services for packages are valid for only one application cycle.


Advisor Scheduling and Availability:

Med School Insiders LLC has complete discretion in selecting the dates and times in which it performs the paid services. Timelines listed on product or service pages are a guideline but not a guarantee. Customers will be responded to within 192 hours of established contact. Typical edit turnaround is to be expected at 72 hours, however Med School Insiders LLC reserves the right to delay the receipt of services up to the 192 hour window. Phone-call and online video consultations and discussions must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Mock interviews are to be scheduled with at least 96 hours advanced notice. Expedited service is offered with a rush fee option.


To avoid fees and forfeiture of services, 48 hour advance notice is required from customers for any rescheduling or cancellation. If a cancellation or rescheduling is desired after the 48 hour time window, customer may be charged a fee or may be required to forfeit the service which was scheduled.

Application and Essay Editing Services:

Med School Insiders LLC will not write or complete customers’ essays or applications in any capacity. Med School Insiders LLC will provide assistance and feedback in the process through editing and revising. The customer certifies that all written passages, such as the personal statement and descriptions of work/activities, are their own and have not been written, in part or in whole, by a third party.

All editing packages, whether 1 edit, 3 edit, unlimited edits, or any other number of edits, are designed for a single essay type. A single editing package cannot be used to edit multiple different pieces of writing. For example, a 3-edit personal statement package provided 3 edits on a single personal statement, rather than 2 edits of a single personal statement and 1 edit of a separate personal statement.

Application Editing packages, whether for AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, ERAS, or SFMATCH, only apply to the general application components, excluding the personal statement, which can be purchased as a separate service. School-specific or program-specific questions, whether received before or after submitting the primary application, are considered secondary application questions, and would fall under Secondary Application Editing services.


Confidentiality and privacy are held to the highest standard at Med School Insiders LLC. Communication between Med School Insiders LLC and customers is strictly confidential. Information including customers’ name, email, contact information, school or college attended, grades, test scores, or background information will not be released beyond our team of advisors. No information will be shared with a third party, whether individual, group, or corporation, without customers’ consent. Although privacy and security is a top concern, Med School Insiders LLC cannot guarantee the security of all electronic communications via the internet. In the unlikely event of compromised or breach in security, Med School Insiders LLC will not be held responsible for any damages or liability.

Termination of Services:

Either party may terminate the agreement for services through written notice provided to the other party.

Service Timeline:

Services must be used in the admissions cycle for which they are intended. Services may be used up to 1 year from purchase date.


All sales are final. Refunds, minus cancellation and administrative fees, and resource fees (for example, AAMC Question Bank) may be issued as credit to be used in future Med School Insiders LLC purchases in instances where the purchased service is not used within 30 days of purchase. Credit may be used for future Med School Insiders purchases for a period of one year from initial purchase date. Credit may only be applied to services for the same customer of the original purchase. Services purchased but not used beyond this window are unable to be transferred, refunded, or credited toward other Med School Insiders services.


Services cannot be transferred, exchanged, or assigned by the customer to any other individual.

No Guarantee:

While Med School Insiders LLC aims to provide effective advising, editing, and tutoring services, Med School Insiders LLC does not guarantee any specific outcome. The services provided by Med School Insiders LLC do not guarantee any improved chances of admission to medical school, residency, or other personal or professional success.

Customer Responsibility:

The customer is solely responsible for his/her application and professional success in its entirety. This responsibility includes submission, deadlines, criteria, and other factors relating to medical school admissions, residency program admissions, test scheduling and accommodations, research endeavors, and other factors. Med School Insiders LLC does not take responsibility for missed deadlines, incorrect or invalid information, or any direct or indirect possible or perceived detrimental effect to customers’ personal or professional pursuits.

Comprehensive Admissions Packages:

Packages are valid for use during the immediate upcoming cycle. Students may purchase a package at any time, but use of said package is valid earliest from January of the application year, and lasts through the end of said application cycle, which generally occurs in the spring of the following year. Partial usage of a package prior to or during one application cycle may subject customer to price adjustments for future use.

Diamond Package Promise of Acceptance:

For customers that purchase the Diamond Package and meet Qualification Criteria (below), Med School Insiders LLC will provide admissions-related services through the primary application during the following application cycle if the customer fails to secure admission to a medical school.

Qualification Criteria: The Promise of Acceptance only applies if 1) customer meets minimum GPA and MCAT requirements (below),  2) fails to be accepted to medical school during the paid-for application cycle, and 3) the customer adhered to the instructions and advice from Med School Insiders LLC or advisors. In the instance that a customer meets eligibility criteria, he/she will receive advising, personal statement editing, and application review for the next application cycle. No interview preparation or secondary application editing will be provided during the subsequent application cycle. 

Minimum GPA and MCAT requirements:

Applying to MD schools only: science GPA (sGPA) >3.4, MCAT >502

Applying to MD and DO schools: sGPA >3.2, MCAT >500

U.S. students & applicants only. IMG and FMG students are not eligible.

Additional Terms:

I agree to the following: In purchasing Med School Insiders services or products, I release Med School Insiders LLC and its associated contractors, managers, consultants, employees, and affiliated entities (collectively referred to as “Med School Insiders”) from liability and waive my right to sue Med School Insiders from any and all claims. Med School Insiders does not guarantee that (1) the website or products/services will be uninterrupted or error free, (2) defects or errors in the website or services will be corrected, (3) the website or services will be free from harmful components, (4) any information provided in the website or services will be accurate. Med School Insiders assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, or failure in communications made through the Med School Insiders website or services. I hereby indemnify and hold Med School Insiders harmless from all claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses arising out of or related to  customer’s use of the website, products, services. To the extent available under applicable laws, Med School Insiders will be entitled to recover its court costs and reasonable legal costs incurred in successfully proving any breach of any term of this Agreement.

Med School Insiders reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue any product or service without prior notice. Med School Insiders reserves the right to terminate any customer’s use of the website, for any reason or for no reason.

All services require full payment prior to any services being rendered. Services are non-transferrable. Advice, content, and materials are the intellectual property of Med School Insiders.


Customer and customer’s representatives agree to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm Med School Insiders or its reputation or lead to unfavorable publicity to Med School Insiders.