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What is Your Success Rate?

Students and parents often ask us, “what is your success rate?” We understand your concern – this is an incredibly demanding, challenging, and complex time in your path to becoming a doctor. You want to do it right and do it just once. We couldn’t agree more.

No company can ethically promise an acceptance to medical school, matching to your dream residency program, or achieving a certain score on your MCAT or USMLE. That being said, we pride ourselves on doing all we can to help our students. Our commitment to our students and the results that follow are at the foundation of our industry leading satisfaction rate. 

We don’t screen out less qualified applicants that may “bring our numbers down” as some other companies do. We’re in the business of helping students, regardless of where they stand. If your MCAT and GPA are suboptimal, we can help you defy expectations and earn an acceptance to medical school. If your MCAT and GPA are strong, we can help you get into one of the top programs in the country, sometimes even fully paid for with merit based scholarship.

For that reason, we believe the best quality indicators of our service are whether our students would recommend Med School Insiders to a friend and how helpful they found our services. 

Results below are from our 2018-2019 student survey and data extracted from TrustSpot (as of June 2019), an independent third party review company.

Med School Insiders Results

Satisfaction Rate
Recommend Us
Success Rate

Satisfaction Rate defined as 5/5 star rating via TrustSpot or email questionnaire. Recommend Us defined as response of “yes” to “would you recommend Med School Insiders to a friend or family member?” or a response of “10” out of 10 possible points via TrustSpot question “how likely are you to recommend us to your friends?” Success Rate defined as response of “yes” to “did you receive an acceptance during this past cycle?” for students who purchased a Comprehensive Package. Numbers above are rounded to the nearest whole number.

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