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The Letters of Interest & Intent

After submitting your primary and secondary applications, there are two ways to convey your continued interest in certain medical schools – the letter of interest and letter of intent. Although the general content of both of these letters will be very similar, there are some important differences to be mindful of when writing letters to medical schools.

A letter of interest or letter of intent conveys to medical schools your level of commitment and continued interest. Therefore, it is useful in cases where you truly enjoyed your experience at a particular medical school. If you have not yet heard from schools in terms of an interview invitation, then a letter of interest or letter of intent may be appropriate to convey your continued interest.

The main difference between a letter of interest and letter of intent is the nature of commitment. In short, a letter of intent demonstrates a higher degree of commitment compared to a letter of interest. With a letter of intent, you’re staying that if a medical school accepts you off of a waitlist, you are promising to attend that medical school. 

On the other hand, letters of interest are like Valentine’s Day cards. You can write multiple letters of interest. The main difference is to not include that you intend to attend the medical school if accepted off the waitlist. Otherwise, your letter of interest can include all the content you would include in a letter of intent — the reasons why you love the medical school, why you are qualified, etc.

Because of the nature of commitment, generally speaking it’s best to save letters of intent for later in the application cycle, once you’ve heard back from most of the schools you’ve applied to. Letters of interest, on the other hand, are not as committal, and therefore lend to additional flexibility with timing.

If you have a particular interest in certain medical schools, making your commitment or interests known is important. If a certain medical school is your dream program, and you still have not heard from them late in the cycle, writing a letter of intent stating your interest may be warranted.

What to Expect

In traditional Med School Insiders fashion, we’ve recruited top talent and painstakingly optimized our systems to provide you with the best possible service. Our letter of interest and letter of intent editing service include careful analysis of content and tone in addition to insights on how to improve your letter to leave an impact medical school admissions committees. Your essay will be edited by a real doctor with real medical school admissions committee experience. These are the people that know the medical school admissions process inside and out.

If you’re struggling to start, our three edit packages include brainstorming time to help you craft a meaningful and personal letter. The most common and fatal mistake is rehashing your application and providing generic reasons for your continued interest or intent. It’s imperative to leave an impact with a personal and meaningful touch – and we’ll help you do just that.

Letter of Intent/Interest Editing Features

Rigorous Selection

Being a top doctor isn't enough to become a Med School Insiders essay editor. All physician editors must make it through a rigorous screening process.


One size does not fit all. Whether you need help brainstorming or placing finishing touches, we'll design a plan that's perfect for your needs.

Real Doctors. Insider Insights

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Surgical Precision

You won't find another service with this level of attention to detail. That's because we have a proprietary systematic approach for each personal statement we work on.

How it Works

Step 1. Purchase the best letter of interest/intent editing option below for your needs. After signing up, you’ll receive instructions in your inbox with a questionnaire for us to know how to best assist you.

Step 2. We will pair you with a doctor advisor with experience on medical school or residency admissions committees. You’ll schedule a brainstorm & planning session at a time that works best for you.

Step 3. Your advisor will walk you through our systematic process to help you craft an impactful letter of interest or intent. If you need help getting started, we’ll brainstorm with you and help you create a plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, it comes down to a different in the level of commitment. A letter of interest demonstrates just that – continued interest. A letter of intent, on the other hand, is a commitment (and intent) to enroll in a school if accepted. You can learn more about the differences here.

This is ultimately a personal decision and comes down to a few main factors:

1. Are you particularly interested in attending this medical school? If so, we’ll need to effectively articulate the reasons why you are a good match for the school, and why the school is a good match for you.

2. Has enough time elapsed or have you heard from enough programs to warrant a letter of interest or intent? Depending on personal factors such as significant updates to an application (including research publications), the appropriateness and optimal timing will vary.

Our personal statement editing & brainstorm services are the best out there. That’s because our highly competitive team consists of real doctors with real admissions committee experience who are passionate about helping you. They love what they do, and they want to see you succeed. You can learn about the Med School Insiders method here.

Most commonly, applicants submit a letter that is generic, a re-hash of their application, and ultimately hurts their chances. We can help you avoid these mistakes in helping you craft a concise, effective, and personal letter of intent or interest.

You are absolutely welcome to request an advisor to review and edit your essay. While we cannot guarantee their availability, we will do our best!

Our customers have consistently been amazed by how much improved their personal statement is after working with us. We will empower you to tell your story more effectively – concise yet powerful. Check out our reviews!

The only difference between Standard and Extended length options below is the character limit.  Depending on the content and direction of your letter, either option may be appropriate.

1 Edit

$ 299
  • Physician advisor
  • 48-96 hour turnaround
  • Insights & guidance
  • In-depth editing
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Up to 5,300 characters
  • Brainstorm with advisor

3 Edits

$ 649
  • Physician advisor
  • 48-96 hour turnaround
  • Insights & guidance
  • In-depth editing
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Up to 5,300 characters
  • Brainstorm with advisor

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