Our Method

Systems that produce results

The Med School Insiders Method

We pioneered and transformed 1-on-1 tutoring and advising for pre-meds, medical students, and resident physicians. We don’t just help students become doctors – we take their results to the highest level.

Dr. Kevin Jubbal, founder of Med School Insiders, distilled the fundamental principles leading to his success into a series of repeatable principles and systems to empower the future generation of physicians. Dr. Jubbal is a firm believer that systems produce results, and has spent over a decade honing the systems that led to his admission to multiple top 5 medical schools, being awarded the only full-tuition scholarship at a top institution, scoring in the top percentiles on the MCAT & USMLE, and matching into a hyper-competitive surgical subspecialty for residency. 

During his training, Dr. Jubbal witnessed several colleagues struggle to achieve their maximal potential. Frustrated by the abundance of misinformation and misguidance, he began teaching the systems fundamental to his own success on YouTube. Med School Insiders quickly became the fastest growing YouTube channel of its kind.

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. – James Clear

At the core, our teachings revolve around the principle that systems produce results. Proper implementation of our systems helps students become both more efficient and effective. We follow the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, whereby we first target the areas which result in the greatest improvement in the least amount of time. By following this philosophy with targeted and intelligent attention, we help students create disproportionately large improvements at an accelerated rate. On this strong foundation, students can further optimize their performance and maximize their potential.

In forming Med School Insiders, we didn’t want to create just another admissions and tutoring company. We sought to transform the industry and bring the highest quality service and experience at an affordable price. Our team members – many of whom have worked at admissions and tutoring companies previously – brainstormed, formulated, and honed our systems relentlessly to create what we now use today. We’ve addressed the systematic shortcomings and weaknesses offered in others’ approaches, and have formulated the systems that earned Med School Insiders the reputation it has today. That’s our secret sauce.

Our Proprietary Systematic Approach

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Behind-the-Scenes Efficiency

We've streamlined our processes to create efficient operational systems. Why should you care? Lower overhead costs means affordable pricing to you, while also being able to pay top dollar to our advisors and tutors, meaning we're able to recruit and retain top talent who have passed the most rigorous and selective processes.

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Rigorous Internal Checks & Balances

If you go to other companies, it's hit or miss whether you get a good advisor or tutor. We don't like that, and you probably don't either. That's why we've added layers of internal checks and quality control measures to assure the highest quality on a continuous basis and across the entire team. It's how we separate ourselves from the competition. You'll always be in good hands.

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Alignment of Incentive Structures

While our advisors and tutors are the best in the industry, they're still people. And people respond to incentives. Pioneering in the industry, we strongly incentivize and reward our team when 1) the customer is happy and 2) when the customer achieves success, whether that's an acceptance or a top score. We're successful when you're successful, literally.


Top Scorers

We keep our tutors happy, and that means we can recruit and retain the top talent in the industry. They not only scored in the top percentiles on their MCAT and USMLE – their real talent is helping you also achieve stellar results.


Entirely Customized

From the moment you make your purchase, your experience is customized. Our detailed questionnaire helps find the best tutor for you. Your tutor will then customize your plan of action to suit your preferences, learning style, and goals.



It's not just a matter of knowing the information, but also applying it. We'll help you with test-taking skills, efficient content retention, overcoming testing anxiety, and much more. Your tutor is committed to your success, and is there to support and guide you.

Our students see massive score increases. Here’s how we do it.


Real Doctors

Our team is made up entirely of real doctors. Through our highly selective and rigorous screening processes, we've found the top advisors who haven't just excelled themselves, but are the best at helping you excel too. They've served on admissions committees and know what counts.


An Entire Team

Our team has over a hundred years of combined clinical, academic, and advising experience – but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When you work with us, you enlist the experience and expertise of our entire team that collaborates with your advisor to ensure you're successful.


Unparalled Expertise

From serving on admissions committees at top institutions across the country and reading thousands of applications, we understand what it takes. We can help you craft a compelling narrative that is consistent across all aspects of the application.

Our students are amazed by the results they are able to achieve with our help.

Achieve your full potential. We're here to help.