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Feeling frustrated by the MCAT?

We understand how frustrating, painful, and overwhelming studying for the MCAT can be. After speaking with your premed friends, perusing SDN and Reddit, and watching YouTubers provide advice about the MCAT, it’s not uncommon to feel more confused about how to approach it given the conflicting advice.

After helping thousands of premeds approach the MCAT, we’ve heard it all.

“Should I use X or Y resource?”

“Is studying 3 months enough, or should I study for 6 months?”

“Is it better to study during the summer or throughout the academic year with a lighter course load?”

“What if I don’t like Anki and spaced repetition? It just doesn’t seem to work for me.”

The more alarming concerns are those that point to self-limiting beliefs. When premeds come to us with a fixed mindset, sure that they aren’t “smart enough” or “gifted” to earn a top score on the MCAT, it’s sad to hear how they are holding themselves back. But at the same time, we’re excited, because this indicates that there’s tremendous untapped potential they have yet to explore.

We show them the stories of our prior students who went from scoring in the low 490’s on their first official MCAT to breaking past the 90th percentile by following our systems.

Here’s what most premeds don’t realize: Doing well on the MCAT isn’t a matter of how smart you are or how long you study. It comes down to three main factors:

  1. The quality of your resources
  2. Your study strategies & intensity
  3. The intangibles in your personal life that influence mental performance

This has always been the secret equation to Med School Insiders, and a large component of our industry-leading results and record-setting growth rate. To achieve the best results on any test, you need to maximize information acquisition, minimize forgetting, and hone your test taking skills and strategies. To accomplish this goal, most focus on increasing the time and effort spent studying. While time, effort, and intensity are important, they are only part of the equation.

At Med School Insiders, we’ve scored in the elusive 99.9th percentile (there’s no such thing as a 100th percentile) on the MCAT and it was no fluke – we’ve since helped countless premeds surpass even their own expectations and score in the top percentiles as well.

In our all-new MCAT Course, we distill these strategies into a streamlined and repeatable process that will help you surpass even your own goals. 

No more second guessing. No more confusion. No more frustration or regrets.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. With surgical precision, we’ll excise the exact content you need to know for a top MCAT score – no more, and no less. That means less wasted time and better scores on test day.
  2. We’ll walk you through the study strategies necessary to optimize your information acquisition and application. Most students improve their learning rate by 2X and reduce the time needed to study by 30%. 
  3. And finally, we’ll coach you on the intangibles that no one else can, because not only have we devised a systematic approach to achieve top results ourselves, but we’ve distilled that process and repeated these results with our students.

Try the Med School Insiders MCAT Course risk-free for 10 days. If you’re not fully satisfied, let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

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Top Tier Content

Focus on what you need to know for a top score, without any of the unnecessary fluff & bloat

Memm Subscription

Complimentary 6-month subscription to Memm – the best MCAT memorization tool built on proven evidence-based learning principles

Practice Questions

End-of-Module Questions engage active learning techniques to reinforce key information

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Access the Med School Insiders MCAT Course from all of your devices for 6 months.

Full-Length Practice Tests

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99.9th percentile scorer guidance in how to elevate your personal & academic lives to achieve top results

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10-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll find tremendous value in the Med School Insiders MCAT Course, and we want to ensure that you have adequate time to access the content before fully committing. For that reason, we’re providing a 10-day money back guarantee, to ensure you’re able to fully explore the course, derive value, and see if it’s truly worth it for you.

If you aren’t satisfied, we insist you get 100% of your money back. We’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees. Simply join the course and try it for yourself. The guarantee lasts 10 days, and covers all content within the course. So go ahead, try the course and then decide if it’s right for you.

Limited time Early-Bird Sale ending soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, you will have access to the course for 6 months. Extensions in 1-month increments can be purchased separately.

The Med School Insiders MCAT Course is comprehensive and self-contained. No other resources are required.

That being said, we recommend users combine this course with a Memm subscription and AAMC question packs (sold separately) for the best results.


You have 10 days after your purchase to request a refund for any reason. Beyond 10 days, no refunds are permitted.


While an interdisciplinary approach can be helpful at times, one of the major mistakes individuals make during MCAT preparation is spreading themselves too thin with too many resources, particularly in the form of content review. Additionally, many resources either go too in-depth or don’t pay the proper attention to key concepts. For these reasons, we recommend you stick with what is provided in the course for content review as this will teach you exactly what you need to know in the most time-efficient way possible.

The pillars of proper MCAT preparation are:
  1. Content review (initial learning/relearning of information). Content review is accomplished through the Science and CARS modules. Memm also helps with the relearning of information through its review sheets.
  2. Spaced repetition. For the best results, spaced repetition should be done through Memm, though it can also be done through Anki.
  3. Application and synthesis of learned information. This is accomplished through the End of Module questions and AAMC practice material (sold separately).
  4. Learning the test. This will occur throughout the science and CARS modules, Insiders Tips, End of Module questions, and the AAMC practice material.
For the average student, the materials included in the course, complemented by subscriptions to the AAMC practice bundle and Memm, will be plenty. However, if you are struggling or would like additional practice, we’ve provided recommendations for other resources in the “Secondary Resources” resources that you’ll find in this orientation series.

We understand that life can’t be suspended indefinitely and there are things that need to be planned, whether it is jobs, research projects, school, marriage, etc. After completing Science Module 1 – Strategy and the Scientific Method, you’ll take the first practice exam that will give you a glimpse into where you stand in relation to your end goal.

Generally speaking, if you’re within 15 points of your score goal, you’re likely to hit your goal if you do everything asked in the course and don’t hit major roadblocks. This happens for some examinees but for others, the process is non-linear, which is something we are still trying to understand in better depth so that we can help these examinees earlier on in their prep.

As you get into your prep, your performance on the End of Module questions and other practice questions will give you additional data points that will let you know if you’re on track.

  1. We cannot determine what the examinee chooses to do with the information that is given. For example, someone may choose to discount information as “low-yield” or cut corners by not reviewing practice questions, etc.
  2. We cannot control for personal factors such as a lack of foundational knowledge or the need for more help such as one-on-one work with a tutor to identify and overcome unique challenges in your learning.
However, the principles that we teach are grounded in science and have been shown to work in the lives of thousands of pre-meds. Instead of promising you a 515 with some shady exceptions written in the fine print, what we can guarantee is that if you do what is outlined in this course and commit to the process, your score will increase from your diagnostic test to your actual MCAT.

As we designed the course, we considered providing an extensive, daily structure. Our conclusion was that if examinees do not learn this skill now, the problem will only perpetuate itself into the future. While doing well on the MCAT is of utmost importance right now, we want you to achieve your goal of becoming an excellent physician.

Formal structure is helpful because it provides deadlines that drive efforts. However, when you look down the road at medical school, residency, and life in general, there will not be much of this formal structure. In general, medical schools are reducing mandatory sessions (such as lectures) to give students more freedom in the learning process. In residency, most research and studying will also be on your own, not on a program-mandated schedule.

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” In this course, we’ll teach you what you need to do, how to do it, and in what order to do it. We’ll teach you how to take those tasks and set up a schedule that works for you.

More importantly, we’ll also talk about how to compensate, revise, and improvise when things don’t go according to plan. We’ll teach you the principles of setting up systems that will allow you to follow your schedule, even when you don’t want to.

By gaining these skills, you won’t just succeed on the MCAT, you’ll succeed in every facet of life, no matter how much formal structure you may or may not have.

Test anxiety is a common challenge that we have seen among examinees. We’ve seen those we tutor struggle with it and even some of us have had our challenges.

To help specifically with this issue, we’ve included a video that addresses how to identify, cope with, and overcome test anxiety.


We’ve learned through our personal experience and through thousands of hours of tutoring that this is a mentally and emotionally challenging experience and we commend you for your drive to overcome discouragement and try again.

On your end, it is important to recognize what happened during previous attempts. Did you not understand the content well enough? Did the way you thought about the test need some modification? Could you have benefitted from more practice?

Identifying and learning from your shortcomings will be essential not only to your success on the MCAT but to crafting a successful application during the medical school admissions process.

On our end, we’ve optimized this course to help you overcome the hurdles you will face on your way to a successful attempt, whether this is the first time or the fifth time. It provides the information and guidance you need to engage in a process that will lead to a more optimal result, as explained in the The Course at a Glance video.

Unfortunately, the MCAT prep industry is full of half-baked products packaged in the guise of fancy marketing and promotions – we don’t blame you for being skeptical. Instead of taking our word for it, we want you to see the difference, which is why we offer a 10 day 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re constantly improving the course to make it the best experience possible. You should feel free to contact us via the community Discord page or the Help button inside the course.