Residency Interview Preparation

First impressions count


Former Interviewers

Our advisors have served on admissions committees and interviewed hundreds of residency applicants.

Real Time Feedback

Each session consists of practice interview time followed by structured feedback to help you make a memorable first impression.

Various Simulations

From psychiatry to orthopedic surgery and the various styles between, we recreate the variety of situations you will encounter on interview day.

Mock Interview Service Features

Rigorous Selection

Being a top doctor isn't enough to become a Med School Insiders mock interviewer. All of our physician interviewers have served on real admissions committees and passed our rigorous screening process.


We understand that one size does not fit all. We are certain that Med School Insiders can offer a perfect plan for your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Real Doctors. Insider Insights

Because each of our doctor interviewers has served on an admissions committee, you will receive key insights from those who have been intimately involved with the interview and selection process.

Surgical Precision

You won't find another service with this level of attention to detail. That's because we have a proprietary systematic and repeatable approach to ensure you maximize your potential.

What to Expect

Congratulations on being offered a residency program interview! While your scores and application helped you get through the door, the deciding factor in whether or not you will be accepted is how you interview. The interview is often the difference between matching at your top ranked institution or the bottom of your list.

Our mock interview advisors are doctors who have conducted interviews for residency programs. From psychiatry to orthopedic surgery, and everything between, we’ve experienced all types of interviews. Our physician advisors will coach you in the art of interviewing to help you make an impactful first impression. You will learn what questions to expect and how to answer them to present the best version of yourself.

At Med School Insiders, we believe that excellence is in the details. In addition to the content, length, and quality of your answers, our advisors will also mentor you on body language, dealing with anxiety, and common pitfalls. 

Want to Learn More?

The Med School Insiders How to Ace the Residency Interview Course is the most in-deth and comprehensive guide to the residency interview that you’ll find anywhere. Our multimedia courses, with high-yield video and written content, contains everything you need to know for the interview. 

Combined, our Residency Interview Course and Mock Residency Interviews are the most effective way to prepare for your upcoming interviews. You’ve worked sleepless nights for years through college and now medical school. Don’t leave the Match up to chance. Maximize your chance of a successful Match with our interview preparation services.

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1 Interview

$ 299 299/hour
  • Former interviewer
  • Detailed feedback
  • Flexible style
  • How to Ace the Residency Interview Guide

2 Interviews

$ 549 275/hour
  • Former interviewer
  • Detailed feedback
  • Flexible style
  • How to Ace the Residency Interview Guide

3 Interviews

$ 799 266/hour
  • Former interviewer
  • Detailed feedback
  • Flexible style
  • How to Ace the Residency Interview Guide

4 Interviews

$ 999 249/hour
  • Former interviewer
  • Detailed feedback
  • Flexible style
  • How to Ace the Residency Interview Guide

What can we help you with?

We can handle just about anything related to medical school and residency admissions. If you don't see what you're looking for above, please get in touch.

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