Extracurricular Activities

What I Learned as a Pre-Med in College

These are the lessons this successful pre-med learned while preparing for medical school and a career as a future doctor. Too many pre-medical students focus on a checklist mentality. Here’s a more effective approach.

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Person climbs snowy mountain towards the summit

How to Get into a Top Medical School

Every medical school applicant at some point wonders “how do I get into a top school?” Dr. Bayard Wilson has attended UPenn and UCSD on his way to neurosurgery residency at UCLA. He is no stranger to top programs. Here are his keys to getting into a top medical school.

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Medical mission physician standing on the world map.

Are Medical Mission Trips Worth It?

Medical mission trips are an intriguing and exciting opportunity to bolster your resume. At the same time, they have significant risks that you might not know of. Here we take an in-depth look at the pros on cons of this experience to help you make your decision.

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