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The Reality for Reapplicants

You’re not alone. Each year, approximately 40% of medical school applicants successfully matriculate, leaving nearly 60% facing the decision whether they should reapply or pursue another career altogether.

Unfortunately, there’s a great deal is misinformation surrounding this stress-inducing topic – should you change your personal statement or use the same one you previously submitted? What about letters of recommendation? Can you reapply to the same medical schools or choose a new med school list?

The answers to these questions are straightforward, but the questions themselves are misguided. The most important questions to answer are: 1) why did I fail to receive any medical school acceptances and 2) how can I best position myself for a successful second (or third, or fourth) application cycle? It’s critical to understand what medical school are looking for and why that wasn’t portrayed in your application previously. From there, we can allocate time, resources, and energy most effectively to maximally strengthen your application.

At Med School Insiders, we don’t believe that rejection is final. We’ve helped hundreds of students get accepted to U.S. medical schools, many of whom were reapplicants. But our industry-leading results don’t happen from wishful thinking. Rather, we use our combined decades of medical school admissions committee experience in addition to a systematic way to approach the unique hurdles of reapplicants to deliver results. 

Our Approach for Medical School Reapplicants

Our systematic and comprehensive approach to reapplicant advising follows these steps:

1. Review and analyze your previous application – the first step to strengthen an application is to first accurately assess where you stand. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What held you back last cycle? We conduct a thorough review of your AMCAS application, previous grades, MCAT, extracurriculars, application timing, essays, school list, letter of recommendation writers, research experiences, unique circumstances, and more.

2. Goal setting – after understanding the limitations in your previous medical school application, we can then assess where you stand and what realistic goals would be. For some students, starting medical school as soon as possible is a priority. For other students, taking a gap year to further bolster their application is favorable. Some students are willing to put in the effort to get accepted to a prestigious medical school, and others are fine attending any medical school. Understanding your needs, desires, and how they relate to your current status is foundational in guiding you towards your personal definition of success.

3. Formulating a plan (soft and hard factor strengthening) – the hard factors of your application are the objective measurables – your GPA, MCAT, and the like. The soft factors of your application include everything else – your personal statement, letters of recommendation, primary and secondary essays, interview skills, and more. Given steps 1 and 2, we’re now ready to begin formulating a plan to address weaknesses and balance what is optimal for your application with your own goals and timeline.

4. Plan implementation – it’s now time to put your plan into action. This step is customized to each student’s needs. A personal statement rewrite and AMCAS/AACOMAS revamp is suggested for almost all reapplicants. For some, we help secure post-bacc or special master’s program (SMP) positions. For others, we begin discussing alternative pathways, including osteopathic (DO) medical schools or international allopathic (MD) medical schools.

Reapplicant Service Features

Rigorous Selection

Being a top doctor isn't enough to become a Med School Insiders advisor. All physician advisors must make it through a rigorous screening process.


One size does not fit all. Whether you're a medical school reapplicant or planning your gap year, we treat you as a unique individual with a plan tailored for you.

Real Doctors. Insider Insights

Our team of doctors have served on admissions committees. You will receive key insights from those who have been intimately involved with the selection process.

Surgical Precision

You won't find another service with this level of attention to detail. That's because we have a proprietary systematic approach for each customer that we work with.

How it Works

Step 1. Sign up below. You’ll immediately receive our intake questionnaire that allows us to match you with the best advisor and customize your service.

Step 2. We will pair you with the best fit advisor with experience on medical school admissions committees. Your advisor will review your application materials and questionnaire results prior to speaking with you. You’ll find a time that suits you both and schedule your session.

Step 3. Your advisor will speak with you for an hour or more via video chat or phone call. You’ll get custom tailored one-on-one attention and a detailed game plan of next steps moving forward!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend every reapplicant rewrite their personal statement. Avoid being a “boomerang applicant”, meaning an applicant who responds to rejection by retrying with the same application – without any improvements. This is a sure way to be rejected yet again.

Rather, consider this an important lesson in life, taking a challenge or obstacle and using it to your advantage. Describing this journey and the process of learning about yourself, improving yourself, and reigniting your passion to pursue medicine is far more likely to yield the results you seek.

After our in-depth analysis of your application and your goals, we’ll be able to tell you how to best move forward. Some applicants simply need reworking the soft factors of their application. Other applicants need to take a year off to work on their MCAT or bolster other extracurricular or research experiences. We’ll figure out which plan is best for you.

After completing our intake questionnaire, we will match you with a doctor advisor best suited for your needs. Our advisors are real doctors with experience on medical school admissions committees and experience mentoring hundreds of students. If you’d like, you can specifically request an advisor and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The quality of our advising service is second to none. That’s because our highly competitive team consists of real doctors with real admissions committee experience. They love mentoring and empowering the next generation of physicians. And to ensure the best results, each follows our proprietary systematic approach so that your interests are aligned with theirs. They love what they do, and they want to see you succeed. You can learn about the Med School Insiders method here.

Since advisors may be anywhere in the country and advisors and students are often hundreds of miles apart, we recommend a virtual meeting through video chat. 

If parents want to participate, they are encouraged to do so!

Our customers have consistently been amazed by the value they receive from our advising sessions. Prior to meeting with you, our advisor will carefully review your intake questionnaire to familiarize themself with your medical school application. That way, you will be able to hit the ground running and get tremendous value in each advising session. 

Basic Plan

1 Hour Session
$ 349 299/hour
  • Real doctor
  • Admissions committee experience
  • Customized in-depth plan
  • 1 hour of guidance
  • Best for basic big picture planning
  • Extended contact via email
  • Continuity with advisor

Plus Plan

3 Hours Total
$ 899 266/hour
  • Real doctor
  • Admissions committee experience
  • Customized in-depth plan
  • 3 hours of guidance
  • Best for securing a detailed plan
  • Extended contact via email
  • Continuity with advisor


Customized to You
Custom Additional savings
  • Real doctor
  • Admissions committee experience
  • Customized in-depth plan
  • Custom hours of guidance
  • Extensive advising and guidance available
  • Extended contact via email
  • Continuity with advisor

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