Weill Cornell Medical College Secondary Essay Prompts

These are the secondary application essay prompts for Weill Cornell Medical College. To put your best foot forward and maximize your chance of an interview invitation, visit our secondary application editing page.


If you are not attending college during the coming academic year, what are your plans? (200 words)

If you are taking a gap year and will not be enrolled in classes during the application year, explain in detail what experiences you will have during that time. For each experience, explain how this will help you grow and become a better medical school candidate, which is the most important goal of the gap year in the admissions committee’s eyes. Focus on the lessons you will learn and skills you will gain during the time off. Do not repeat what is in your primary application. This is a key to all secondaries. If you are continuing prior experience from the AMCAS primary (which can be difficult to avoid given the nature of some secondary questions), try to adopt a new angle or describe a different aspect of the experience than has been presented before. Consider using an anecdote to spice up the answer.

Please write a brief statement giving your reasons for applying to Weill Cornell Medical College. (200 words)

The first step to answering this question is doing some research on the program website to understand some of its nuances. Is it very strong in a particular field of research or does it provide unique opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines such as bioengineering or finance If one of these aspects aligns with your strengths or interests, explain how you are a great fit for this reason. Outline how these opportunities will help you grow toward your career goals as you envision them. Think about the opportunities the location provides in terms of clinical experience and social experience as well. Be sure to tailor your answer to the unique aspects of Weill Cornell.

Please describe a challenge you faced and how you addressed it. (200 words)

Think back to scenarios when you had a personal struggle which you overcame. What were times in your life that you almost quit but did not? Which accomplishments required particular perseverance? Once you have chosen the experiences, make sure there is a lesson you learned that you can explain. Most important to the prompt, how did you grow as a person? Consider focusing on the following traits for growth: dedication, perseverance, discipline, interpersonal skills, leadership.

For MD-PhD applicants only: Please list the names of any Tri-Institutional faculty members with whom you’d like to do research. You do not need to list reasons; names are sufficient. (200 words)

Do your background research on PI’s and available research mentors at Weill Cornell and answer as appropriate for you.


The secondary application essay prompts from this medical school application cycle are the same as above.


The secondary application essay prompts from this medical school application cycle are the same as above.

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