University of Arizona Phoenix College of Medicine Secondary Essay Prompts

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about University of Arizona Phoenix College of Medicine

Secondary Deadline: 30 days after receiving secondary application
Secondary Fee: $85
FAP Waiver: Full Fee Waived
CASPer Required: No
Screens Applications: Yes
Accepts Application Updates: No


The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix inspires and trains exemplary physicians, scientists and leaders to optimize health and health care in Arizona and beyond. We are uniquely positioned to accelerate the biomedical and economic engines in Phoenix and the State by leveraging our vital relationships with key clinical and community partners. 


  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Servant Leadership


1. What is the most important quality you seek in a medical school, and how does the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix embody that for you?

2. What achievement are you most proud of? What aspect of this achievement will you bring to our medical school?

3. The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix practices Inclusive Excellence, which celebrates the differences, talents, and unique qualities of all individuals. Describe a circumstance where you sought to learn about a culture, group, or idea different than your own and how that impacted you.

Optional Essays:

4. I previously applied to any medical school (select yes if you submitted a primary or secondary application). If yes, how are you a stronger applicant this cycle?

5. Please reflect on your entire application, is there anything you would like to further explain to the Admissions Committee? Do not repeat any information already mentioned in the national or secondary applications.

6. Please reference the Work/Activities section. If any of the competencies were unmatched, please provide an explanation below.


1. The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix values its culture, curriculum, and the community it serves. Which aspect(s) do you value the most? (required, 350 words max)

2. How have the last 12–18 months confirmed your desire to pursue a career in medicine? (required, 350 words max)

3. UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, in part, defines diversity as “Inclusive Excellence”. How will you add value – in these terms – to our learning community? (required, 350 words max)

4. What else should the Admissions Committee know about you? Note: please do not repeat any aspect of your primary application or essays provided above. (required, 350 words max)


1. I believe I fit within the UA COM – Phoenix culture because: (350 words)

2. I feel that the last 12-18 months have confirmed my desire to pursue a career in medicine because: (350 words)

3. I understand that diversity is defined in many ways at the UA COM – Phoenix and I feel that I would add value to the diverse learning environment and mission because: (350 words)

4. I feel that the Admissions Committee should know this about me (note: do not repeat any aspect of your primary application or essays provided above): (350 words)

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