Central Michigan University Secondary Essay Prompts

These are the secondary application essay prompts for Central Michigan University College of Medicine. To put your best foot forward and maximize your chance of an interview invitation, visit our secondary application editing page.


1. The AAMC has developed 15 core competencies for entering medical students. You can see the list HERE . Which two competencies are your biggest strengths as an applicant? (400 words)

The AAMC site linked above has competencies in the following categories:

1 | Interpersonal
2 | Intrapersonal
3 | Thinking and reasoning
4 | Science

Choose the category and the competency which fits your skills the best. I would recommend choosing a competency in categories #1-3, rather than #4. All medical students are expected to gain abilities in scientific knowledge during medical school. This is neither unique nor something that cannot be learned throughout training. Rather, competencies #1-3 are predicated more on personal characteristics and skills. Choose that which represents you the best. Discuss why this is a particular for you and provide concrete examples why and how. Do not repeat your primary application, and consider using a new anecdote.

2. Please tell us about the most important volunteer experience you have had. What have you learned from this experience about service? (400 words)

Consider past experiences which are non-medical in nature, such as volunteer work with children or homeless populations. Using a non-medical experience may allow you to focus on humanism and compassion which is a universal virtue, not specific to medicine. Focus on how this has made you a more empathetic and compassionate person, which will help you help your future patients. Be sure to answer what this has taught you about the importance of service and how that will inform your future role as a physician.


1. Tell us about a time when you have been an outsider and felt uncomfortable (500 words)

2. What are two essential skills needed for success in medical school? (500 words)

3. [REAPPLICANT ONLY]: If you have applied to any medical school in previous cycles, what have you done since your last application to prepare yourself for a career in medicine? If you have not applied to medical school previously, write “N/A” in the box. (500 words)


Please tell us why you are interested in attending the CMU College of Medicine? (maximum 250 words)

What is the value of giving back to your community as a physician? Is the role of a physician more important than others in the community? (maximum 250 words)

Describe an experience in which you collaborated, worked or were exposed to diverse backgrounds, different from your own. Please describe the impact the experience had on you. (maximum 500 words)

Tell us one thing about yourself that would help the Admissions Committee determine if you should be admitted to our program. (maximum 250 words)

Disclaimer: The information on this page was shared by students and/or can be found on the medical school’s website. Med School Insiders does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page.

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