Shemmassian vs Med School Insiders


Getting into medical school is no easy task, and choosing the right help is foundational to your success. Each year, medical school admissions gets more competitive, and standing out from other premeds grows more difficult. This page compares two popular medical school admissions consultant experts – Shemmassian Academic Consulting and Med School Insiders – to help you choose the experts that are best suited for you.

Med School Insiders

Med School Insiders provides a comprehensive suite of services and courses for premed and medical students, helping with the entire A to Z process to becoming a doctor. Med School Insiders ranks #1 among medical school admissions consulting and tutoring companies in both client success and client satisfaction.



Shemmassian Academic Consulting provides admissions and tutoring services for a wide range of students, including not only medical school and residency admissions, but also general college admissions help for those not interested in the medical field.


Differences between Med School Insiders & Shemmassian

Company OverviewMed School InsidersShemmassian
Satisfaction rate (4 or 5 star reviews)
Med School Insiders has industry leading satisfaction rates, defined as the number of ratings with 4 or 5 stars.
Med School Insiders leads the the industry with the highest ratings and best results.
707 (4.9 Stars)229 (4.8 Stars)
Independent review company
We use an independent third party review site that only allows verified customers to review our services.
Physician founded & led
Med School Insiders is run by a top performing MD physician with admissions committee experience. Shemmassian is founded by a PhD clinical psychologist who never attended medical school.
Top performing founding doctor
Not all physicians have equal insight and expertise in admissions & tutoring. To deliver the best results for clients, you must know how to achieve the best results yourself. Only Med School Insiders was founded and run by a physician who scored in the 99.9th percentile on the MCAT, 265+ on USMLE, was accepted to multiple top 10 medical schools with full merit-based scholarship, and successfully matched into the #1 most competitive specialty for residency. We share the tools and tactics with our clients to propel them to stellar results as well.
Number of physicians working in company
Our Insiders are top performing doctors with experience serving on medical school admissions committees and have a proven track record of over 6,000 successful students.
YouTube channel subscribers
Med School Insiders quickly grew the world's largest YouTube channel for premed & medical students. Our rapid growth is a result of the quality of our insights and advice. We don't regurgitate commonplace advice, but rather speak to the expert nuances that allowed us to be the top 0.1% of performers.
Exclusive premed & medical student focus
Since our founding, Med School Insiders has always been built by doctors for future doctors. With our exclusive focus on future doctors, we're able to provide the best possible service.
Year founded
Med School Insiders isn't stuck in the old way of doing things - rather, we've innovated, allowing us to grow at an unprecedented rate and overtake legacy companies.
Proprietary methodology to ensure consistent high quality service
While creating our service offerings, we recruited talent from the competition and learned that inconsistent quality of service plagued their business, as demonstrated by the high number of advisor/tutor reassignments and negative reviews. We designed our proprietary systems with internal checks, balances, and incentive alignment so that you know you're always receiving the best service with Med School Insiders
Mission driven core values
The physicians who founded Med School Insiders were unified by a central mission to create a future generation of happier, healthier, and more effective future doctors. We've proudly run charitable initiatives to for medical trainee mental health and wellness.

Student ExperienceMed School InsidersShemmassian
1-on-1 guidance from a physician advisor with admissions committee experience
All Med School Insiders students are paired with doctors that has first hand experience serving on medical school admissions committees.
Recursive Quality Assurance Control
Med School Insiders 225+ physicians must pass the industry's most rigorous 5 step screening process. Given our growth, culture, and compensation, we're able to attract the top talent. Equally important, our proprietary Recursive Quality Assurance Control is a systematic way to ensure the best service, every time.
Custom dashboard with integrated communication, application tracker, services & course manager
Medical school applications are challenging enough. Med School Insiders simplifies the process for you with a custom dashboard that streamlines the process and where your Insider will guide you every step of the way.
Average MCAT score
Med School Insiders partners with Memm to provide the most effective MCAT prep experience. Premeds who use MSI MCAT products and Memm score in the 88th percentile, on average, on test day.
514 (88th percentile)Not published
Industry-leading MCAT prep resources
Med School Insiders has developed cutting edge MCAT prep materials based on the latest in evidence-based study strategies. Not all MCAT prep materials are created equal, and only Med School Insiders provides MCAT resources designed by three 99.9th percentile MCAT scorers.
Data-driven decision tools for both students and their Insiders
At Med School Insiders, we understand the importance of data-backed decision making. That's why we've created custom tools to help you and your Insider navigate the medical school application process most effectively.

Med School Insiders LLC is not affiliated with Shemmassian Academic Consulting. All data in this table is accurate to the best of our knowledge based on information publicly available at as of 3/16/2023. Please verify all information as practices, policies, and company details may change.


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