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Excited for score on Step 2CK

How I Scored 265+ on Step 2CK

I scored above 265 on Step 2CK by using an unorthodox method. Here’s exactly how I approached studying for Step 2CK during the course of third year, as well as how I spent the 4 weeks leading up to my test. You can download my Anki deck here as well!

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Ultimate Student Life-Hack – Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are often cited as being key players in the success of high profile executives. However, the benefits of regular mindfulness meditation practice are far reaching and are highly beneficial to students as well. Your grades will improve by meditating. Seriously.

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Lessons in Medical School Study Strategies

This medical student describes his journey from starting medical school with poor study strategies and feeling like he was drowning, to learning a few simple yet fundamental active study strategies that completely transformed his grades, performance, and outlook.

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How to Nap and NOT Wake Up Groggy

Do you wake up from naps feeling groggy, sometimes even worse than before the nap? It’s a common problem, and in this post I share how to nap like a pro. From power naps to coffee naps, these are the tips and tricks to help you nap more effectively. I also address 4 concerns you may have.

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My Experience – Medical Student Depression

This medical student at Ross University School of Medicine narrates the struggles felt during the first year of medical school. The uncompromising pressure to perform at a high caliber in medical school can leave students discouraged. Here are some actionable tips to get yourself back on your feet.

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Medical School vs Residency Comparison

The transition from Medical School to Residency is often misunderstood. Here we compare various aspects in the life of a medical student vs resident, including structure, evaluation, work-life balance, time, standardized exams, and more.

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