How to Ace the Medical School Interview

You’ve studied like your life depends on it, completed the MCAT, secured your letters of recommendation, submitted your primary, and even completed your secondary applications. Congratulations on a job well done! Seriously.

The most important part is just ahead – the medical school interview. While just about anyone can look great on paper, the interview is just as much art as it is science. Even the most impressive applicant on paper can get rejected from medical schools without strong interview skills. That’s right, we’ve seen it.

At Med School Insiders, we know medical school admissions.  With the How to Ace the Medical School Interview Course, you’ll have dozens of years of medical school admission committee experience on your side. Our team of top doctors with adcom experience came together and built this course from the ground-up, to provide you with the ultimate resource to master the medical school interview.

This is the last stage in your pre-med journey. All that stands between you and a medical school acceptance is the interview. The medical school interview is not something to take lightly – it can break even the strongest on-paper applicants.

The How to Ace the Medical School Interview Course is the most comprehensive and complete resource to the medical school interview you’ll find anywhere. We’ve painstakingly covered every aspect of the interview, from your packing checklist to thank you notes, body language and example questions and answers, and much more.

Med School Insiders is run entirely by doctors, and we didn’t just become doctors – we excelled at it. We secured multiple acceptances to top medical schools, some even fighting over us and incentivizing ($) us to go to their school! Excellence at the interview is a big part of that. We’ll show how you too can excel at the medical school interview and be a highly competitive medical school applicant using the same strategies.

If you’re interested in developing and honing your interview skills, this is the course for you! It’s packed with high yield, tried and true methodology that worked for us and the hundreds of students we’ve helped.


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The Ultimate Interview Guide

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  • COMPREHENSIVE: Top to bottom, everything you need to know
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What's Inside


An extensive multimedia course covering everything from scheduling, to dress code, the interview day, common questions & answers, and much more!

Pitfalls to Avoid

The common interview pitfalls you need to avoid. We see students make these mistakes countless times every single year!

Anxiety Crushers

We have sections dedicated to building confidence, overcoming anxiety, and putting your best foot forward on the big day!

  • An insider's perspective on the medical school interview. Learn from those who have conducted real medical school interviews at top schools.
  • The most cost effective ways for travel and lodging accommodations. We saved thousands of dollars - we'll show you how you can as well.
  • Anxiety crushing exercises that will transform how you feel leading up to and on the big day!
  • Handle logistics like a pro, including conflicting interviews
  • Detailed account of what to expect on the interview day - both for traditional and MMI interviews.
  • How to make a stronger impression - backed by recent psychology research and science!
  • An entire section on common questions and answers, including examples of how to answer them effectively!
  • Questions to ask your interviewer and students on interview day
  • Thank you letter etiquette and best practices


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the ultimate guide to ace the medical school interview! In total, we’ve written over 50 single-spaced pages of high yield content to help you crush your medical school interview. Accompanying videos demonstrate additional information on how to most effectively tackle the interview – from body language, to suit fitment, travel hacks, and much more.

You won’t find another guide as comprehensive and effective as this. This is the second major iteration of our interview course, and it will continuously be updated to provide you with the best possible experience!

This is the course that we wish we had when preparing for the medical school interview. For us, we had to research information on our own, compile it, and hope for the best. Ultimately, this costed us acceptances as there were lessons we had to learn the hard way.

Through this course, you’ll have everything we’ve learned over the years, both from our time as successful applicants to our time on the other side as interviewers.

Our customers have consistently been amazed by how much value we add to their medical school application process. By underpromising and overdelivering, customers rave about our products and frequently come back!

We’re extremely proud of the our medical school interview course and we’re confident you won’t find a better resource.

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee