(Women) What to Wear to Medical School Interviews With Packing List


Medical school interviews are your time to shine! Even though admissions committees have your MCAT score, essays, recommendation letters, and resume, the medical school interview is the stage for you to personally connect with your interviewers and show medical schools who you truly are. You can make a lasting impression with a medical school interview; therefore, everything counts—including what you wear.

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6 Keys for What to Wear to Medical School Interviews

1 | Dress Comfortably

Medical school interviews are already a stressful experience, so don’t let your clothing be an added stress. Avoid tight clothing or high heels that make it hard to move or walk. Many medical school interviews involve walking tours around campus and moving to different stations during an MMI, so wear something that will last comfortably throughout the day.

2 | Dress Appropriately

Your medical school interview should be about showing off who you are—and nothing else. The last thing you want on your interview day is a low-cut shirt or short skirt being a distraction. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a skirt or dress; just make sure it is below your knees at all times, even while sitting. A button-up shirt is a great option to make sure everything is covered up top.

There’s no way around closed-toe shoes. Getting a nice pair of closed-toe professional shoes is imperative. Whether they are flats or low heels, make sure they are comfortable!

3 | Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can really elevate an outfit. However, they can also be distracting. Try to stick with accessories that are simple and not overly clunky. For example, stay away from large dangle earrings or big rings. Watches, small necklaces, and studs are all great additions that are simple but not distracting to an outfit.

Have fun with your accessories, but don’t get carried away. Don’t forget to bring some type of simple purse or business bag to keep a folder with extra copies of your resume and to store any handouts that may be given out that day.

4 | Make the Investment

Interviews are your chance to make a great impression. If within your means, don’t be afraid to invest in a nice suit and pair of shoes that won’t quickly succumb to wear and tear. Even though you may be going on multiple medical school interviews, each medical school only meets you once. It’s better to invest in one perfectly fitted and tailored outfit than several cheap ones.

Get a quality suit in a solid color that will go with many patterns and colors. Black, navy blue, or grey are ideal.

5 | Clean Up

Put your best foot forward on medical school interview day. Make sure you are well groomed, your hair is neat, and your clothes are stain-free and neatly pressed.

You may want to carry a travel-size steamer with you in case you don’t have access to an iron the night before your interview. If you use makeup, keep it simple, neutral, and light. Avoid heavy eyeliner or cakey foundation.

6 | Don’t Try Anything New

Minimize the number of surprises you face on interview day by wearing each item of your outfit at least once before your interview. This way, you can make sure everything fits perfectly.

Bring extra tops in case of an emergency. Don’t wear makeup if you have not tried it before. Avoid any situation that will make the interview day more stressful than it already is; control every variable you can.

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Women’s Packing List for Medical School Interviews

Now that you know the keys to a great outfit on interview day, here is a packing list to ensure you are 100% prepared when you travel to your destination.

Packing list for medical school interviews:

  • Ironed/steamed pantsuit, skirt suit, or dress with a blazer
  • Ironed/steamed button-up shirt or blouse
  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes (flats or low heels)
  • Simple accessories (watch, simple necklace, simple earrings)
  • Medium-size bag or purse with copies of resume/application
  • Straightener or brush to keep hair neat
  • Neutral and simple makeup
  • Any toiletries you need to get ready
  • Black or nude tights if wearing a skirt or dress
  • Travel-size steamer (in case you can’t access an iron)
  • Lint roller

Interview Packing list for Women

Preparing for your medical school interview is crucial. If you want a more detailed guide with all of our insider tips on interview success, check out the Med School Insiders course on how to ace the medical school interview.

If you seek personalized and individualized assistance, our medical school interview preparation services will provide you with the one-on-one help and feedback you need. Good luck this interview season. Go get ’em!

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