Count More Sheep, Get More Sleep

Sleep is probably my favorite thing, and you’ve probably noticed that if you’ve been a longtime follower of Med School Insiders (MSI). Through my experience and research, sleep is extremely essential for a healthy (and happy) life. I cannot stress that enough. In this episode I talk about the dangers of sleep deprivation and how they apply to the medical world. This includes low energy levels, which results in a poor cognitive function, thereby reducing your ability to focus and concentrate. That can translate to something as small as spilling your coffee on yourself or something as large and scary as a car accident with you behind the wheel. Driving while sleep deprived is as bad or even worse than driving drunk. Do not do it. I have a few blog posts on the topic of sleep with some tips on how you can help yourself get better sleep so that you feel refreshed in the morning. One of these tips is to spend less time in front of that screen of yours! Unless, of course, you are catching up on the latest content from MSI 🙂

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