The Big Three

Loving your work comes down to three simple things: Autonomy, Expectations, and People.


Autonomy or freedom in the workplace plays an important role in professional fulfillment. I’d argue that the majority of individuals would prefer more freedom in the workplace to less freedom; however, this may not be true for everyone. Thus, it is important to be conscious of the level of autonomy you are granted versus the level of autonomy you demand and how that impacts your happiness at work.


If you expect to get off work at 5:30pm but your boss asks you stay until 8pm to finish a task, then you will likely be miserable. Especially if you already made plans for the evening to go out for dinner. However, if you change your expectation, and go in to work with the thought that you might be staying late to help out, then you may not be as disappointed when you have to stay beyond working hours. If, by chance, you get off at 5:30pm with that same expectation, then you will be pleasantly surprised and feel great going in to your dinner! It’s all about setting healthy, realistic expectations for yourself.


Understanding how people in the workplace influence your life and how differing cultures amongst workplaces can impact you is extremely important for your own fulfillment. Most jobs require some interaction with other people in the workplace and your well-being is dependent upon the positive or negative outcomes of these interactions. Be sure to be cognizant of this, especially as you grow your career and become more autonomous.

Enjoy the video!