Motivated? Not So Much.

You know how when you walk out of a feel-good movie feeling inspired to get out and take on the world, and then 48 hours later you’re already back on the couch watching Netflix? Well, you’re not alone. As a resident, and even as someone who simply wants to keep progressing in a career and in relationships – motivation is a necessity. But it’s nearly impossible to maintain at a steady rate. You will have your ups and downs; however, I have a couple tricks for dealing with low motivation.

Who’s Your Hero?

Ask yourself, who is your hero? Who do you idolize or look up to? Imagine them. Now, imagine you. In the video, I use Elon Musk as an example – if he is able to run several businesses and be extremely successful, then why can’t I take on (and complete) a much simpler task? It’s a matter of perspective and reframing your situation.

Jukebox Hero

Music. Exactly that! Use it to get the blood flowing and to get yourself pumped for the task at hand (no matter how monotonous the task may be). Sometimes, I’ll listen to “Sandstorm” by Darude to get into a task slaying mood.

Death Is Imminent

I know this is a little dark, especially as I mention this following the joyous sounds of “Sandstorm.” But the truth is, death is going to happen to all of us, whether we want it or not. Being conscious of it can seriously help you get your butt in gear. I’m not arguing that you need to imagine that today is your last day on Earth, but I am saying that you should remember that this life we live is not a given. Use your time wisely and be efficient with it!

Enjoy the video!